Analysing is a skill that’s quite impressive. 

Many of us actually possess it, but here’s the catch, we have blessed ourselves with way too much of this skill.

We have blessed ourselves with way too much ability to analyse, it's affecting our peace of mind. Click To Tweet

Over-analysing, over-thinking . 

That moment when you’re not satisfied with one or two careful thoughts or look throughs.

The times when your brain decides that it’s a wise and useful decision to waste a lot of your time breaking down every fraction of a decision, an event or just anything in an unnecessary manner. 

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Worst part, your imagination often takes the lead when you’re overthinking rather than your logic hence you make things up as you go. 

Quick question, though

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What’s funny is on days when you actually need to analyse, boom, the skill is gone. 

If you tend to do this often(overthink, I mean) you might not even recognise it. You might not recognise you’re probably overthinking School, your last mistake, your relationship, your next outing, your friends’ decision, etc. Can you quickly fill this form so we can help you out. coolmag is here for you.

Just writing this to say we relate. 

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