What if your clothe suddenly disappeared right now? This is probably what will happen

you are not prepared for this

Imagine you are on the street, taking your usual stroll.

Strolling Casey Frey GIF - Strolling CaseyFrey Walking GIFs

As per the big boy you are na

Then all of a sudden, your clothes disappeared

Spongebob Squarepants Patrick Star GIF - SpongebobSquarepants PatrickStar Caught GIFs


Firstly, people will stare at you like this

OpenMouth GIF - SexAndTheCity SATC SarahJessicaParker GIFs

Then another person will stare like this

Omg Yes Sweet GIF - OmgYes Sweet Shocked GIFs

Then some people will go extra and stare like this

Happy Halloween Jaw Drop GIF - HappyHalloween JawDrop Sorpresa GIFs

But you won’t notice at first

B-day Suit Dance Off GIF - FreeTheNip DanceOff Naked GIFs

You will still be doing your thing

Until one child finally gives you a hint

“Mummy, see that man kokoro”

Then you look at your body and notice something vital is missing

AHHH GIF - HomeAlone HolidayClassics Ahh GIFs

You carrying your naked ass to the nearest restroom you see

Jake Gyllenhaal Naked GIF - JakeGyllenhaal Naked Oops GIFs

You in the toilet wondering where your clothes went in broad daylight

Pooping Toilet GIF - Pooping Toilet Thinking GIFs

six million bacteria later and you still don’t have a clue

Idk Why GIF - Idk Why Really GIFs

Then you discover the only logical explanation

First Time I Experienced My Village People Following Me - Jokes ...

What is more important now is thinking of how to escape without anybody sighting you

Think Pawpaw GIF - Think Pawpaw Osita GIFs

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