Imagine you are on the street, taking your usual stroll.

Strolling Casey Frey GIF - Strolling CaseyFrey Walking GIFs

As per the big boy you are na

Then all of a sudden, your clothes disappeared

Spongebob Squarepants Patrick Star GIF - SpongebobSquarepants PatrickStar Caught GIFs


Firstly, people will stare at you like this

OpenMouth GIF - SexAndTheCity SATC SarahJessicaParker GIFs

Then another person will stare like this

Omg Yes Sweet GIF - OmgYes Sweet Shocked GIFs

Then some people will go extra and stare like this

Happy Halloween Jaw Drop GIF - HappyHalloween JawDrop Sorpresa GIFs

But you won’t notice at first

B-day Suit Dance Off GIF - FreeTheNip DanceOff Naked GIFs

You will still be doing your thing

Until one child finally gives you a hint

“Mummy, see that man kokoro”

Then you look at your body and notice something vital is missing

AHHH GIF - HomeAlone HolidayClassics Ahh GIFs

You carrying your naked ass to the nearest restroom you see

Jake Gyllenhaal Naked GIF - JakeGyllenhaal Naked Oops GIFs

You in the toilet wondering where your clothes went in broad daylight

Pooping Toilet GIF - Pooping Toilet Thinking GIFs

six million bacteria later and you still don’t have a clue

Idk Why GIF - Idk Why Really GIFs

Then you discover the only logical explanation

First Time I Experienced My Village People Following Me - Jokes ...

What is more important now is thinking of how to escape without anybody sighting you

Think Pawpaw GIF - Think Pawpaw Osita GIFs

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