1. Would his name be Merlin in the first place?

More like Malik

2. Camelot would have been at CMS

Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos - Wikipedia

“Camelot Memorial Site”

3. Arthur would have died since season 1

Arthur Pendragon | Merlin Wiki | Fandom

Lowkey, Merlin won’t always be there to save Arthur because the traffic will delay him.

4. Meet Lady Morgana

If it isn’t her, I don’t know who else they would have used

5. Meet Guinevere

IROKOTV | Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve is the only Gee  that can replace Guinevere.

6. Their horses would have starved to death

How should I feed my thin horse? - YouTube

When even the owners have not seen better food to eat, you will now be feeding Horse.

7. The person to drag for Uther Pendragon’s properties

Go And Do Ritual With Yourself” - Kanayo O Kanayo Replies People ...

Do you think Uther will die and his family members will not come and fight for something that isn’t theirs?

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