Dear reader, this author has gone far and wide to understand what the people of Shondaland think about certain events that have occured in recent times. This author would love you to take this poll and discover if  your opinions on the people of Shondaland are the same as everyone else.  

  • Question of

    Which family would you rather be part of?

    • The Bridgertons
    • The Featherigntons
  • Question of

    Who is your favorite Character?

    • Queen Charlotte
    • Portia Featherignton
    • Daphne Bridgerton
    • Duke Of Hastings
    • Eloise Bridgerton
    • Penelope Featherington
    • Lady Danbury
    • Anthony Bridgerton
    • Colin Bridgerton
  • Question of

    Who is your favorite Bridgerton brother?

    • Benedict
    • Colin
    • Anthony
    • Gregory
  • Question of

    Which of this is the best scene in the series?

    • Daphne and Simon’s wedding
    • When Lady Whistledown was revealed.
    • When Simon proclaimed his love for Daphne to the Queen
    • When Daphne and Simon touched hands in the gallery
    • Sex scene under the rain
    • Daphne pleasing herself
    • When Benedict caught Eloise smoking in the garden
    • Hearing the rendition of ‘Girls like you’
  • Question of

    Best looking male on the show?

    • Duke of Hastings
    • Anthony Bridgerton
    • Colin Bridgerton
    • Will Mondrich
    • Benedict Bridgerton
    • prince friedrich
  • Question of

    Your opinion on the sex scenes?

    • Too extra
    • Absolutely Marvelous!
    • Just there
  • Question of

    Be honest, who was your first guess on Lady Whistledown?

    • Lady Danbury
    • Penelope Featherington
    • Genevieve Delacroix
    • Eloise Bridgerton
    • Anthony Bridgerton
    • Marina Thompson
  • Question of

    Finally, what is your general opinion on the series?

    • Overrated
    • I really enjoyed it
    • Lost its touch in the later episodes
    • Excellent! Can’t wait for next season

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