Sometimes, we can forget a certain popular word and our brain cannot just think up the right alternative to use. Other times, we may also fogret the splellng of a certain word. It is very common and we have no choice but to humm, acquire knowledge, know from it, intellectify ourselves….LEARN! from it. Pardon me. I think I am having one of those moments too.

So On cool mag, we compiled a list of some of those times people’s brains betrayed them in English. Enjoy…

7. We’ve all been spelling Noah wrong. Good to know

Apparently, forgetting a word is more of a cognitive question that one of grammar or language. People often forget words a lot but it is not a sign of deeper memory problems, they just have a temporary blip in retrieval.

It happens more when somebody is tired or stressed. Meanwhile, when people have troubles with spelling, it is more because in the modern world, a lot of checking and editing is done for us. 

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