21 Ridiculous Nollywood subtitles that cracked us up

The subtitlers could not even be bothered

1. You are what?

yoruba subtitle 2

2. What does this even mean?

3. Lmao.

yoruba subtitle

4. All ye mans of little faith

5. Maybe she is having twins

6. Just in case you want to confirm

7. The deal is what?

8. This person didn’t even do JSS1

9. WTF is shurty?

10. I comment my reserve

11. All I hear is Jeniva speaking

12. Another Jeniva speech

13. This is just disturbing

14. Oh my God!

15. Two what?

16. Hehe!

17. Abeg do fast

18. LOL! Khal Drogo

19. KAI!!!!

20. You say?

21. No words

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