Art is usually an expression of emotions used by artists to stress their detachment from reality. However, this particular artist from China has decided that he will do the exact opposite.

Leng Joon of China is a Hyperlige painter. He painted this picture which might come out to be the most realistic painting you have ever seen in your entire life.

Each thread in the picture is also very carefully drawn. Such action really makes you speechless. Hundreds of crores to his eccentric talent.

Look at this girl

What do you notice about her? She is probably one beautiful Chinese model for some pimples removal cream, right?

Look again…

She has some pimples so I doubt if she is a  model for such product.

Or maybe she is advertising a wig company?

That’s some fine hair there, isn’t it?

A little bit further and we would have a sneak at her blouse. She is probably wearing one of the finest fabrics in China.

Oh no. The wool is coming out

Then what is up with her? What is her significance?

What if we told you she was just a painting? Of course you already knew that from the post title but you must still be fascinated at the details Mr Leon has out into making this work a masterpiece.

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