We all hear about ladies losing their cool whenever they are on their period. It is perfectly natural because of the hormones that play a part during that time of the month.

At least we are yet to see someone who bled through the eyes, which is a period disorder known as vicarious menstruation. 

The “strawberry week” for women isn’t always the easier thing to deal with especially when it comes with crazy cramps.

On average, a woman has more than 400 periods in their lifetime. Imagine some of those 400 were shared with men too.

Like an alternating cycle. Men take this month and women take the next month. Here are all the things that would probably happen.

1. Nigerian police when you upset them on their period

Smosh Cop GIF - Smosh Cop Shooting GIFs

Thee last thing those guys need is an hormonal imbalance.

2. When you forget about your period and you feel a tingling sensation in the middle of the road

Shocked Rowan Atkinson GIF - Shocked RowanAtkinson MrBean GIFs

Guys are reckless and can forget anything.

3. Your mood VS How you actually want to flex

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We don’t deserve such mixed feelings.

4. When you and your guy’s periods are in sync


What an excellent event.

5. Leewandowski when it’s champions league night but he has menstrual cramps

6. Guys won’t even care about going to the bathroom every minute


What you don’t know won’t hurt you.

7. Football fans when their team loses

Pissed GIF - Jacknicholson Angry Pissed GIFs

Different people, different pain.

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