Popcorn was a  popular snack in the Western culture around the 1800s. It was sold at circuses and fairs but not the cinema.

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By then, the cinema had not actually been invented yet… 

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And when the cinema became common, there was still nothing like popcorns at the cinema. One of the reasons was because eating was not allowed in theatres then.


In those days, movies didn’t have sounds which means only the educated and wealthy people go to the cinemas, since they add texts to the movies for better understanding.

When Silent Films Were a Force for World Peace | Essay | Zócalo Public Square

It was until 1927 when they started making movies with sounds that made the cinema accessible for the masses.

Street vendors saw this as an opportunity and started selling popcorns outside the cinemas…

Selective Focus Photography of Popcorns

the cinema owners also saw it as a money-making opportunity and started selling popcorns as well.

Now that we know how popcorns made their way to the cinemas, why can’t some of these snacks and meals also make their way?

1. Puff Puff

image credit: cookpad.com

The grandmaster of Nigerian snacks remains underappreciated in various parts of the country. If puff puff should make its way into cinemas, it’s over for popcorn. As long as everybody gets a spare servette paper, we don’t need to worry about the oil.

2. Sugar Cane

sugar canee

image credit: nytimes

You know those small paper containers where they serve the popcorn? That should be where you spit back the residue of your sugar cane. Crunching and sucking on the sugar cane as you watch Beverly Naya steal another woman’s husband for the 50th time.


3. Boli

Boli: 8 health benefits of this delicious snack [ARTICLE] - Pulse Nigeria

This undefeated Nigerian roadside snack that looks like a failed bleaching cream experiment can prove to be the best thing you eat at a movie theatre. Saves money and fills your stomach in no time.


4. Fried Yam

Fried Yam Recipe | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsGuardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Just one piece of advise. Don’t add stew if you’ll be watching a comedy.

5. Suya

Ram meat suya Recipe by Bakers spice - Cookpad

Of course, you already eat suya while watching movies at your own house but why not adopt it in cinemas too?

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Which of these would you rather have at a cinema?
Which of these would you rather have at a cinema?
Which of these would you rather have at a cinema?

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