The common entrance was like the biggest step to take before entering into secondary school. At some point in life, it was the biggest worry of the average Nigerian. If you wrote the common entrance exam, then this is your table.

1. When you are in primary 4 and they start telling you about how you are ready for common entrance

Big boy

2. This book ehn

Those that completed this book twice are the ones with two heads…there are even two heads on he book

3. When your school decides to start holiday coaching for people who are writing the exam

Which kain nonsense is this?

4. How your parents look at you when you are playing ball instead of reading

Young man, are you sure you are reading?

5. You the day before the exam

EH, God. Help me.

6. Your parents when they see you on the day of your exam still asleep by 5am

“Look at the person that want to enter secondary school”

7. When they share question paper and ask you to start your exam

No time ooo

8. When  you finally see a question you studied in Ugo .C. Ugo


9. When you finish your exam and you don’t even know how well you did

God still dey

10. when result is released and you pass

Parte after parte

11. How you return home to break the news to your people

Hello pipu!

12. You on your first day in secondary school

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