7 things that are too real for every Nigerian in Junior secondary school

That wicked senior

1. When you see your school Daddy coming when a senior is about to punish you

When a senior is punishing you and you see your school parent coming.

2. When a senior gives you 100 naira to buy two gala and one lacasera and asks you to bring change

3. When one senior asks you to go while the other says you should come

When one senior tells you to stay and another one tells you to go.

4. When one ss2 student punishes you and another ss3 students asks you to standup

5. when a senior draws a car on the board and asks you to push it

Sweating Nervous GIF - Sweating Nervous Paranoid GIFs

6. You preparing to pass the senior block

Guerra War GIF - Guerra War ReadyToFight GIFs

7. You and your friends when that evil senior finally graduates

Twerk Dancing GIF - Twerk Dancing Twerking GIFs

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