1. When your mum tells you there will be vigil tonight


Eh, month have run and end now now

2. Then you realise you won’t be able to chat late night with your friends


How will my peeps survive without me?

3. You thinking of how you will plan your sleeping pattern


if I sleep by 9, and wake by ten, I have already used one hour out of my eight hours.

4. You trying to bring up excuses not to go for the vigil


5. But your mum doesn’t even care

“If I slap you, you will start seeing double”

6. How you sit down waiting for program to start


Omo 7 hours long ooo

7. When the sermon is boring and long


8. Then your mum sees you dozing off


look at what I carried for nine months

9. During prayer and your mum catches you not praying


10. When the vigil is supposed to end but someone wants to drop a speech


Alaye wetin u wan talk?

11. When the vigil is finally over and sleep just vanishes from your eyes


12. You exiting the church like…

michael jackson

“Home my home. When shall I see my home”

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