1. Your time will come

What is your business with my time?

2. So you are still single?

Ehn, what now happen?

3. God will do your own too

African Moms En GIF - AfricanMoms En Heh GIFs

Did he say he won’t do it before ni?

4. I know somebody that is perfect for you

Bitch, who asked you?! - Confused Jackie Chan - quickmeme

Like for real? Who asked you?

5. Being single is sweet. You people have time

Nigerian Ok O GIF - Nigerian OkO GIFs

Ehn divorce na. u say u are mad ni

6. I remember when I was still single

Rolls Eyes GIF - EyeRoll RobertDowneyJr Sassy GIFs

Alaye calm down joor. When did you do wedding gan sef?

7. It’s for only married people

Mr Ibu Nigerian GIF - MrIbu Nigerian What GIFs

Ehn ehn, Is that so?

8. When you marry you will understand

Sobbing GIF - Sobbing Uncontrollable Shower GIFs

I have suffered gan ooo

9. Marriage sex hits different

We really don’t caare

10. I just want you to be happy like me

What is your business?

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  6. We will come to your house
  7. We will steal your phone

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