Corona virus is now the trending topic in Nigeria. Everywhere you go, you hear about the virus. Even on all other news stations and media platforms. However, there are some headlines that have caught our attention.

1. Civil servants working from home

Don’t you think it would have been better not to work at all? We all know civil servants barely even work at all except maybe the teachers. More so, how do you expect civil servants to work from home.

2. Police is no more our friend

Funny police telling Nigerians not to come to the police stations. We thought they were the closest defense group to the people. That’s not the problem, the issue is that they don’;t even do shit right on a normal day talk less of in the midst of this pandemic.

3. Abia state is in the bible

Well, apparently, Abia state is the only state in the bible and no plague can affect the state, according to Abia state governor. LOL! I hope this man knows that Egypt was also mentioned in the Bible and God sent 10 different plagues on the country.

4. NIMC shuts down

The only time I remember NIMC ever opening was during the JAMB registration period. Since then, I did not remember there was anything as NIMC.

5. The one about confessions

Mad ooo! So you can actually avoid giving random priests stories that touch when you can actually go to God directly? Durh!

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