You’ve heard it before, the phrase I mean.
It comes mostly after bad, disastrous or just plain sad events or circumstances have taken place.
Let’s ignore (for just this moment) the ‘bright side’ of this year.

2020 has done a number on us all.
Nigeria has had some sad events, to say the least.
‘There’s beauty in the chaos’ has been used many times, it’s been forced to be cliche.
It’s just like one of those things you say whether you mean it, see it or not.
But look closely and deep enough, it still might make sense.

The one thing that comes to my mind anytime and anywhere I hear the phrase might seem random to you.
It’s a song by Falz, Ladipoe and Chyn that was released some years back. The song is called Chardonnay Music. Random, right?

It’s a great song, by the way.
There’s this part from Ladipoe’s rap that goes: ‘I think if you’ve truly been to Lagos, there’s beauty in the chaos…’
I really like that line, it has a nice ring to it.

I’m not sure exactly what the first person that said the phrase intended it to mean and I’m not sure if something good or if a beautiful rebirth happens after every kind of chaos.
I’m also not sure if it’s stupid to still believe such but the phrase is popular for a reason.
So maybe we’ve found a new mantra.
There’s beauty in the chaos.

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