We have been looking at the world with our own eyes, some have also been looking at it with extra eyes. There are some people who look at it with their asses though, we mean those people who can’t see the truth even if it was right in front of them.

What do you do when you are bored of looking at the world in your own normal way, look at it with a microscope.

– Coolmag Chapter 1 vs 24

The micro world can take your breathe away and we promise it is something you have never seen before…probably. And if you have seen it before, who says you cannot enjoy it twice?

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Shall we?

Gentlemen, shall we? #100daysofDigital - Ized Uanikhehi - Medium

Blood clot forming over a wound

“Colour-enhanced scanning electron micrograph of a blood clot, with squamous tissue visible beneath. As a blood clot on a surface injury dries out it forms a protective scab over the wound allowing new skin to grow underneath.”

A Fly’s eyes

This is an Electron Micrograph of Drosophila Fly’s Eyes.

The structure of the eye, similar to many other insects, is termed a compound eye and is one of the most precise and ordered patterns in Biology.

Red Blood Cells

This scanning electron micrograph shows a few red blood  cells (a.ka. erythrocytes)  that have been magnified a little over 11,000 times.  Being biconcave in shape allow RBCs to have a greater surface area and carry more oxygen through your body.


Copy paper used at work

“The paper that we use in copying work has a rough tangle of fibers.”

Electric Guitar strings

Human sperm fertilizing Human Egg

“The sperm has fused to the egg cell membrane (oolemma) prior to becoming incorporated almost completely into the egg. The zona pellucida has been removed in this preparation. The surface of the egg is covered with dense microvilli. Once the sperm has fused to the egg cell membrane the “zona reaction” takes place which prevents other sperm from entering the egg.”

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