Ijidakinro Jerry olaoluwa, popularly know as kaptain Jerry in the University of Lagos is one of the most dedicated youth entrepreneurs who has been able to transform students life, and also earn some cash through the process.

He is the CEO of Kaptain Jerry Solutions (KJS) and has sold over 1000 copies of past questions to students in the University of Lagos.

Kaptain Jerry sells past questions for students with detailed explanation. With his past questions, students in this institution have been able to attain a perfect CGPA and there are.many testimonials to his name.

We were lucky enough to get a brief interview with Kaptain Jerry on his one year anniversary of starting KJS which revealed some details about himself to us.

It is said that he got the name “Kaptain Jerry” from his secondary school where some prefects were usually referred to as “Captain”. When he got into UNILAG, he added a little tweak to the name and replaced the “C” with “K”.

Here’s a brief interview with kaptain Jerry

Coolmag: Who is kaptain Jerry?

KJS: I am Ijidakinro Jerry olaoluwa by the name.

Coolmag: So today you, you’re celebrating your 1st year anniversary as KJS. Can you enlighten us on how you started KJS?

KJS: Well… KJS Started by this Time last Year December 3rd… We had our first distribution of past questions this same day…..

KJS started as a solution provider to students….. I met and observed a lot of students and the problem I found was they don’t get proper and detailed solutions on past questions

And today a lot of students has benefited. From KJS as a whole.

Coolmag: So since starting KJS, what has been the biggest problem you encountered? And how did you overcome it?

KJS: Well no problem actually.

Things has been going on well by God Grace

Coolmag: That’s nice. Ever had a separate ambition or you have always wanted to be KJS?

KJS: Well I never thought of KJS not until last year….

But I know I have this Business talent in me

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Coolmag: I can see that business talent. What is your dream ambition?

KJS: To Help Undergraduate in different universities.

Coolmag: Been seeing some sparks lately, if u know what I mean? 🌚 who’s the lucky lady?


She is My Woman.

Coolmag: What do you do when you are not busy making and selling past questions?

KJS: 24/7 I am always online. Whatsapp is my office.

Coolmag: What/who has been your greatest inspiration?

KJS: My Parents.

Coolmag: How has KJS helped you through the student life?

KJS: Well…. Very well I use My past Questions to prepare for Exams

Coolmag: Well, this question might sound funny, do you think it is easy to
be an entrepreneur?

KJS: hhhhmmmmm…It’s not easy ooo.

Coolmag: Lol. So what advice would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

KJS: Pray, work works and believe.

Coolmag: . If you could turn the time, what would you love to do in regards to your business?

KJS: Hmmmmm

I will fix up all mistakes

Coolmag: After unilag, what next?

KJS: To help undergraduates in different universities.

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