Nigerian weddings are just so extra. Like, Jet Li kind of extra. There is rarely a Saturday in Nigeria without a wedding, especially Yoruba weddings.

While many people are attending because of the jollof rice, some guys are there just for the beautiful bridesmaids.

Here is a full Coolmag guide to attending a Nigerian wedding

1. Never attend alone

Like seriously, why would you attend a Nigerian wedding on your own especially when you are single. Go with a friend or family member. You can even decide to pick one igbo guy from Computer village but NEVER ATTEND A NIGERIAN WEDDING ALONE. If you want to ask why, don’t ask.

2. Drop your home training at home

Why else is it called home training? When you are going to any Nigerian wedding, drop your home training at home. Anybody le ya weyre at any f*cking time. It’s up to you to show them that you are the definition of weyre, especially if rice no reach your side.

3. Learn to control your emotions

We know you won’t attend the church wedding where the pastor says “you may kiss the bride” but MC will still ask the couple to be romantic at the reception even if Naira Marley is the guest artiste. So you don’t want your emotion to get the best of you. Best to just view whatsapp status while they are at it, unless someone accidentally posts something romantic too then you know you are dead. Emotions go run like mascara.

4. Include “bend down low” in your dancing routine.

Any rich man can come and spray money anyhow. You need the perfect skills to pick any dollar that comes your way. You will need this skill in any Lekki wedding, trust me. Once Wasiu Ayinde is performing, expect rain.

5. Don’t dress hotter than the bride

There may be nothing wrong with this, but trust Nigerian parents to take everything the wrong way. For your sake and your future wedding ceremony just dress slightly less hot than the bride.

6. Make sure there is a nearby toilet

No need to explain this at all. With the moimoi, jollof rice, fried, samosa and goat leg, you want to make sure your stomach don’t go sounding like Vin Diesel’s car when there is any quiet moment.

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