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10 Struggles only people with patchy beards will understand

The struggle is real

1. You searching Google for hair growth tips

Typing Laptop GIF - Typing Laptop Cat GIFs

This is not even funny. Those blogs have suffered gan.

2. When your barber shaves off the three strands you have been managing

Tell me why you want to ruin my life, this guy.

3. When you see your friends with beards asking babes out

My God My God, why have thou forsaken me?

4. When you see your junior bro growing beards before you

Snakes GIF - TheresSnakesInMyFamily TerrenceHoward LuciousLyon GIFs

I thought blood is thicker than methylated spirit

5.  When you see a friend who actually has beards and decides to shave it

Are You Crazy? - Happy Endings GIF - Adampally Maxblum Janekerkovichwilliams GIFs

You don’t appreciate what you have

6. When you remember what they taught you about puberty in secondary school

Spongebob GIF - SpongebobSquarepants Bullshit Rainbow GIFs

Nothing but BS

7. When you are chatting with your crush and says she likes bearded guys

Are you for real?

8. When you finally see hair on your chin but it doesn’t connect with your sideburns


9. When that bearded friend finally tells you his secret

Thinking Hmm GIF - Thinking Hmm PinkHat GIFs

Mybeardgang is the beast behind this.

10. You rushing to go and make your order online from

Stanley Hudson GIF - TheOffice StanleyHudson LeslieDavidBaker GIFs

Abeg, I can’t handle this torment any longer

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