It all started in Wuhan, china in December 2019. What we jokes to be a normal flu hand become a deadly global pandemic. worst part? There is no vaccine yet.

There is almost nothing we can do that to stay in our homes and stay safe.

But it feels like staying at home is a very big task considering the fact that there is no stable power supply and data prices are taking all our money. It is almost impossible to stay positive this period.

A lot of people are already frustrated but here are some tips to help you stay positive.

1. Compare the fatality rate

There seems to be a sign of hope whenever we compare the fatality rate. Sure, this virus has killed a lot of people across the world but it does not make it a death sentence. So far, only two people have died from the disease and eight people have been discharged in Nigeria. There is a high chance of recovery.

So if you know anybody with this virus, don’t spread panic, rather inform them to take healthy foods and drink lots of water. Also, take them for medical checkup and know that there is a very high chance of survival.

2. Get busy

The best way to take your mind of the bad news and horrible things happening in the world is to find a way to take your mind off it. Get busy and start a business or read books. Watch tutorial videos and use this time wisely. When you are less busy, sleep or chat with friends.

3. Avoid twitter trends

Twitter trends these days are just about COVID-19 and how many fatalities so far. Try to avoid it and stick to chatting with friends or visiting your favorite celebrity’s instagram page. It is the best thing you can do on social media right now if you don’t want to panic.

4. Join Tiktok

If there is anywhere to get rid of boredom, it is on Tiktok.  Tiktok is currently the biggest social network in the world and the features are amazing. You will find the most creative people on Tiktok. You will never believe your eyes when you finally use tiktok for the first time. it is like a hub for the most creative people on the planet.

5. Netflix

This is the perfect time for Netflix and chill. There are 100s of Netflix series waiting to be seen. Forget the series, there are amazing movies that will suit your style. When you wake in the morning, fry some puff puff and watch Netflix on your laptop or your smartphone.

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