10 signs you are dating a playboy


Of course, as a girl, you must have been with a playboy before, unless you have not really been in much relationships. When you come to think of it, about 75% of the girls on social media these days keep on ranting about how men are scum so it is almost impossible to say at least 75% of them have not been with a playboy once in their lifetime. So how do you know if you are dating a playboy?

Yeah, he played your heart and you wish you can take out your revenge on him, but it is not that simple. You want to be strong yet you don’t want him to know how much he has hurt you.  You want to be the winner in the end! LOL! But what is done is already done and the only thing you can actually do right now is to prepare yourself in case you ever/ you have come across another playboy.

So how do you know if you are dating a playboy? Here are 10 signs that will tell you “sister, he just wan chop your work”.

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11Always in a hurry

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Like for reals, nobody is chasing him but he always wants to get somewhere real quick. There is a huge chance he is seeing someone else and you din’t know about it (maybe your best friend, perhaps). If you like break up with him and you then find out he is a dedicated hustler, na your own cup of tea. This is why we made the list as long as 10. At least if he does 75% of the things on this list, then we can go ahead and confirm. However, once he gets what he wants (winks), he is not sticking around for some pillow talk or any form of cuddling. Japa straight up!

10Late Night Calls

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Sure, a lot of people think this is perfectly normal in every relationship, but why don’t you call during the day when everyone is actually awake and active? There is a chance that is doing night shift with you and spending the day with another/other babe(s). So lowkey, you are like side-chick. But what do I know?

9Sweet talking to get into your pants

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The tongue is his best weapon. His sweet talks are always turning you on or encouraging you to give him something you might not have planned to do. You really can’t tell if he is a playboy or not from just this alone because you love him so much and his sweet talks will only brainwash you into thinking you have to do what he wants so that you can make him happy.

8He is more interested in how you look than what you have to offer him

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When he sees you, all he is interested in is your breast or ass. He keeps on talking about how beautiful you are and less about your wit, intelligence or emotions. You can try this by asking him “What do you see in me that made you like me?” If he replies with anything like “You’re beautiful, your ass looks good or your physical appearance”, then he is probably a playboy. Or he might just be saying it to give you a bit of confidence, because some guys (like me) are that sweet.

7He spends lavishly

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Every girl loves a guy who can spend on them, but when the spending gets too much then there is a problem somewhere. If he tries to impress you with his money, take you shopping too often. If he spends recklessly, then he should be doing some other things recklessly too – even relationships.

6You don’t know much about him

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I think you already know this is a bad vibe already. Even you are not a good babe. How will you have a boyfriend and not know much about him. You might keep pestering him to tell you some things he can’t tell anybody, but if he keeps rejecting such approach, then he is giving you some kind of bad thoughts about him already. He probably does not want a serious relationship or just doesn’t want you to find out where he lives in case he ever gets you pregnant.

5Jealousy is not his thing

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Like seriously, which guy does not get jealous when he sees his babe with another guy who can be a potential threat to their whole relationship. While most guys are perfect at hiding their jealousy, some just suck at it. But if your MCM does not get jealous even when you are grinding with Fireboy at a concert, then you should be watchful.

4He is selectively available

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By this, I mean he is only around at his own convenience. Yes, things may be a bit tough and people have been forced to go into one hustle or the other, but we still make time for people we love. If you are dating a player, there is an assurance that he will always make excuses for you not to come and visit him but he will be available if he decides to call you.

3He does not allow you touch his phone

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Sure, privacy is very important to everyone, but there is a way he will react to you touching his phone. There is no denying that many secrets are kept in one’s phone but which type of secret is in his own? Nobody is telling you to go and touch his phone ooo. If you are feeling some kind of negativity towards you touching his phone then you should be careful before he breaks your heart into pieces you can’t pick up.

2He has a dating app on his phone and he knows so many dating websites

Ok, this is the ultimate confirmation that you are dating a playboy, especially if he didn’t meet you through a dating app or site. Like, why would you need a dating app when you are in a relationship?


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