10 sentences everybody who grew up with Nigerian parents will be used to

1. “…when you are always pressing your phone”

This is the ultimate blame for any stupidity you perform

2. “If I hear pim”


3. “You are doing yourself”

For when you f*ck up and they leave you to your stupidty.

4. “How many times did they come and visit you”

For when you ask to go to your friend’s place

5. “My friend”

For when you are no more their friend

6. “Put it on my head”

When you ask where to put anything

7. “You now want to fight me”

The moment you dodge or defend a heavy slap

8. “How many times did I call your name”

For when they are about to give you the lecture of your life

9. “Sorry for yourself”

For when your apology means nothing to them#

10. “Do they have two heads”

Nobody is allowed to do better than you

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