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#saynomore: This Twitter user grants people’s photoshop wishes and they are totally awesome

He can photoshop anything

A Nigerian twitter user, with the handle; @_harrisonJNR is well known for his exceptional response to people’s wishes. He uses his Photoshop superpowers to grant wishes of twitter users on the app. Here are some of the beautiful works you will love to see.

1. Iron baby

2. Just in case you want to be the only child

3. After all, she said Crop

4. he literally dragged her

5. This guy is hilarious. WTF!

6. Be careful what you wish for

7. As per say everybody don dey settle matter for too long

8. Granny brought her skirt for her

9. Ask, and it shall be given unto thee

10. No nau ??????


11. You asked for it

12. This is really cool


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