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QUIZ! Would you really make a better President than Buhari? We have answers

Everyday you log in on twitter, facebook or even your whatsapp status there is always someone throwing subtle or bold shades at the President and his cabinet. We can’t deny we are also part of those people. However, we know the job of a President is not easy at all. So take this quiz to know if you would actually make a better President than Buhari

  • Question of

    How do you share N70bn among 200million people without a database?

    • Just keep the money and use it to build better social amenities
    • Contact all banks and gather statistics
    • Share the money with your cabinet first and do giveaway on Twitter

  • Question of

    Your country is under terrorist attacks, how do you respond?

    • Sit in your office without any response
    • Contact international organizations for assistance
    • Address the situation live and deploy soldiers to fight

  • Question of

    Pick a Vice President

    • Prof. Osinbajo
    • Naira Marley
    • Pastor. Odumeje Indaboski

  • Question of

    How do you handle looters in your tenure?

    • Sack all of them
    • Contact the EFCC to inspect everybody
    • Ignore them and collect your share

  • Question of

    How do you react to people who say you are a clone?

    • Totally ignore such idiotic claims
    • Address via social media/TV
    • Call their fathers clone

  • Question of

    Review the NYSC allowance

    • Leave it as it is
    • Reduce to 10k
    • Increase to 100k

  • Question of

    How will you handle electricity in a country of 200 million people and a budget of $29BN

    • Give constant electricty
    • share the power
    • Reduce the price of fuel and share the electricity

  • Question of

    How will you react when you see tweets about people swearing for you?

    • Swear for them back
    • Do nothing
    • Explain yourself

  • Question of

    How would you shut Nigerians up?

    • It is impossible but I will do all my best to provide results
    • Do giveaway online
    • Travel out of the country

  • Question of

    How do you respond when a pandemic hits your country?

    • Don’t rush to respond because you are still gathering facts
    • Respond immediately and say what you don’t know
    • Ignore it

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