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How many can you answer from the 15 questions that made Aroma win N10m on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Chimuanya ‘Aroma’ Ufodike became the first person ever to correctly answer all 15 questions in the Who Wants To  Be A Millionaire game show back in 2009. After some digging, we have brought back those questions for you to test how many you can answer. P.S: Don’t use Google. We are watching you. 

  • Question of

    1. Which of these is the name of a British Football Club?

    • Blackburn Losers
    • Blackburn Rovers
    • Blackburn Lovers
    • Blackburn Wanderers

  • Question of

    An establishment where money can be deposited or withdrawn is called what?

    • Fridge
    • Bank
    • Market
    • Shoe

  • Question of

    Name given to a boy born on Sunday in Ghana is what?

    • Bassey
    • Kwesi
    • Abiodun
    • Ejima

  • Question of

    Which of the following refer to the word fire?

    • Inferno
    • Domino
    • Stiletto
    • Tornado

  • Question of

    According to the constitution a public officer is not allowed to do which of these?

    • Marry a wife
    • Bury a dead parent
    • Have thanksgiving in church
    • Accept gifts or favour in kind

  • Question of

    The process by which genetic traits are transmitted from parents to offspring is called what?

    • Tenacity
    • Verifiability
    • Hereditary
    • Validation

  • Question of

    Roland Garros stadium is in which city?

    • Paris
    • Copenhagen
    • New York
    • Madrid

  • Question of

    Where is Tiananmen Square?

    • Mumbai
    • Beijing
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Seville

  • Question of

    The word supersonic denotes which of these?

    • A speed equal to that of sound
    • A speed greater than that of sound
    • A speed equal to that of light
    • A speed greater than that of light

  • Question of

    Which of these holds bones together at the joints of the body?

    • Nephrons
    • Nerves
    • Ligaments
    • Stitches

  • Question of

    Linus Mbah achieved fame in Nigerian sporting circles as what?

    • Swimmer
    • Referee
    • Football Fan
    • Judoka

  • Question of

    DAX refers to the stock market of which country?

    • France
    • United States
    • Germany
    • India

  • Question of

    Who won the Academy Award for directing the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’?

    • Clint Eastwood
    • Oliver Stone
    • Peter Jackson
    • Morgan Freeman

  • Question of

    In which country is the Galeras Volcano?

    • Lebanon
    • Columbia
    • Japan
    • Eritrea

  • Question of

    Professor Maathai Wangari won the Nobel Prize for which of these?

    • Literature
    • Economics
    • Peace
    • Medicine

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