In case you don’t know, poultry farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Everybody is starting a business these days because of how lucrative it is. The salary most workers earn is not enough so they have opted for new ways to make money, hence, the various businesses. In this post, we will be showing you how to write a poultry business plan in Nigeria.

Thousands of poultry products are consumed in Nigeria everyday, the business does not seem to die anytime soon. Eggs meat are very important in our everyday meal. Millions of Nigerians consume poultry everyday which shows that there is a business prospect in the poultry farming business.

However, there are some people who have been in this poultry farming business for so long and probably have more trusted customers than you can have. So how do you aim at competing with them? This is why you need to write a standard poultry business plan in Nigeria for your farm.

This post contains answers to some of your biggest business questions on poultry farming. Poultry farming PDF, business plan for poultry, poultry business plan in Nigeria and many more. This is the right place to be if you or a fiend wants to venture into the poultry farming business. has made it mandatory to help create a better lifestyle for Nigerians with the help of our content and research team.

This poultry business plan guide will explain full details on everything you need to know about poultry farming including how much money you need to start, the profit margin and every important thing you must put into place before you start this business.

Three reasons why poultry farming business is very lucrative in Nigeria

#1. Everyone needs food Image result wey dey for chicken

Everyone in the world needs food to survive. Poultry is a type of food that people love. Chicken, turkey and eggs serve as compliments for a lot of foods we eat on a daily basis. A lot of people value poultry foods in their daily meal. There are some people who will rather eat chicken than beef, so they add importance to poultry foods like turkey and chicken over any other meat or fish.

#2. Cool price

Poultry products sell at a really good price. There is a great profit margin from poultry animals. An averaged size chicken is sold between N2500 and N3000. If you can sell 10 of these chickens every week, that is whooping N30000 per week which can scale up to N12000 per month. However, there are people who buy three chickens in a day and you can even sell up to 1000 chickens in a month which can amount to N3000000 every month. You can see how awesome poultry farming is.

#3. Capital

You really don’t need 500,000 naira to start this kind of business. With as little as 50,000 you can also start a poultry farm with a few chickens and some feed. The best thing about this business is that the hens grow very fast. A three weeks old hen costs about N1000 and this can help you earn more than you spend because the hen will lay eggs and you can sell the eggs or wait for them to hatch and have extra chicken to feed.

How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria

There are some things you must take note of and put in place before starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria. Your poultry business plan is also very important before starting this business. A business plan helps you to strategically plan your business to show you everything you need to put in place and the time range expected for things to start working out.

The business plan is like a guide throughout your journey until you reach you main goal in the business, therefor, the business plan must be taken serious and valued. This can determine the level of success your business will achieve in the long run.

  1. Your Niche: The Niche your poultry belongs to is very important. You need to identify the niche you want to sell in. Are you going to be selling eggs, turkey, chicken or all of them. While all of them may seem awesome, you must know that selling all of them just means triple work will be done in finance and maintenance.
  2. Breed: Make a decision on the breed of birds you want to raise. Are you going to be raising broilers or layers? There are other birds people actually buy apart from chicken. You can raise ducks, quails, turkeys, Guinea fowl, Peacocks, Geese etc. All these birds have economic uses to people in Nigeria. When you make your decision on the breed, it will help you determine what you are expecting from each of the birds. For example, if you are interested in producing many eggs, then the right breed for you are the layers but if you want to produce meat then you should go for the broilers.
  3. Capital: Obviously, this is a very important aspect of any business. Every business needs capital before you can get started. Capital at hand is a very serious factor to consider before starting a poultry farm in Nigeria. You can start with as low as N50,000 and as high as N1million. It all depends on how huge you want your business to be and the location.



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