1. You and your friend getting excited to go the owambe next door

Yay GIF - Yay GIFs

Jollof rice all the way

2. You calling the person that told you about the party when you see a bouncer outside the gate

“Hello, how did they use to enter this party?”

3. When you discover the person that invited you was not invited

Sad Cry GIF - Sad Cry Aww GIFs

Why you have to do this to me?

4. How the guests be staring at you when you enter and you are not on the dress code

Kevin Hart Stare GIF - KevinHart Stare Blink GIFs

“Boya he’s from the wife side”

5. When you discover that you are alone at the party

Alone GIF - Alone GIFs

Who send me message now?

6. When they start serving food and you don’t how you will beg for your own because you were not invited

Anthony Anderson Looking GIF - AnthonyAnderson Looking For GIFs

Please, help my solution

7. How the food sharing people look at you when you finally gather courage to call them

“So it’s like that abi. This people are wicked”

8. When they start calling the friend’s of the celebrants to come and take some pictures

I prefer to take selfies please

9. When they start sharing souvenirs and they pass you by

Spiderman Tobey Maguire GIF - Spiderman TobeyMaguire Cry GIFs

All my effort gone to waste

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