This PR agent is only 27 but has worked for infinix and coca cola.

Can u tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to become a PR agent?

I’m Noshina Emuesiri Christabel Born and Brought up in Oghara, Delta State. I’m my Father’s First Daughter and He motivated me into doing something different, where I’m from everybody does the same thing in the entertainment industry. I decided to become a PR to bring Light to my people, bringing us out to the outer world, to publicise to the world so that discovery of young talents shouldn’t be a struggle…… I hope to give delta state a bigger space in the entertainment industry by my good work of publicity.

Ever earned any money from being a PR and how?

Yes. I’ve been opportuned to partner with alot of companies to publicise for their events…. The likes of Infinix, Coca cola and so on….. How??_its not that simple, they have to trust you to bring a positive growth to their brand firstly, you have to prove to them that you’re capable of the task ahead… Payment shouldn’t be a stress afterwards they see a work well done.

What is the best thing you enjoy the most about being a PR agent?

The opportunities of interacting with other potentials like me,sharing ideas and developing on ourselves…… I shouldn’t forget the fun of meeting celebrities and getting to work with them one on one.

How old were you when you decided to become a PR agent?

17 or thereabout

How long do you wish to continue as a PR agent?

For as long as I can…. Asides being a PR there are so many things I do that also needs publicity….. I plan on running the package together.

Awesome. Now that’s smart. So you already have your own publicity and it will make it easier

Yes. God willing

Who has been your biggest inspiration so far?

Toby Shang

lol. that guy is good. if you met him today, what would you talk about?

Alot…. We’re both believers of the Hype…

Are you currently in any institution?

I’m a 300lvl building technologist of Uniben Akoka.

Cool. Wait, and you are 17?



Just wow😊. I’ve always been ambitious about achieving my dreams at an early age

I know like every other person, you must have had dreams that you just forgot about. Like when u was young, I wanted to be a footballer, but we can all see how that turned out. What was yours?

Lol, I always wanted to become an astronaut, God had better plans for me yeah

😅🚀. So how do u manage schooling and media work?

Its not easy I should say, I remember I had to skip some classes to attend to some clients, attending meetings and all but one thing I can say is that, Consistency is key….. I am still a Four-pointer.

4 pointer!!! Mad ooo. So u know book?

You sef you know book na

Lol. Don’t even whine. I usually think it’s the guys who have given up on their GPA that decide to become a PR.

Lol…. What a wrong impression you have there….. Almost all the guys I’ve been privileged to work with, Are great minds and intelligent workers.

Lol. There’s a difference between being intelligent and having good GPA . U could miss an exam and that will greatly affect your GPA.  Sometimes it’s not your fault.

That’s why we all pray for Grace.

OK. Which has a bigger priority in your life right now? Your brand or school?

Tbvh, My brand. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take my education seriously

Yh. But which do u want to do in the long run? Media personnel or building technology?


Any relationship interest?

Not in any serious relationship yet tho….


But I have someone I’ve gat my eyes on.

Hhmmmmm. 🌚 Does he know?


So do u have any advice for intending youth entrepreneurs?

Before venturing into anything of interest, make sure to run analysis of the losses and wins….. Consistency is key…… Be focused in achieving a particular goal before going into the other.

Thank you for your time.

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