Nigerian women after a breakup

One can never get used to grief. A lot of people might try to prove otherwise that they are used to breakups and it does not hurt anymore. This is perhaps one of the biggest falsehoods of this generation. So, sister, instead of deceiving yourself, it is better to acknowledge when you’re hurt and move on.

A breakup remains one of the most dreaded experience for both men and women. Maybe it hurts because it deals with matters of the heart, which many don’t have mastery over. Breakups are so hurtful that so many people stay in terrible relationships just to avoid it.

What most people seem to forget is that you can’t evict the inevitable. Like the wise people say: “breakup go reach everybody las las.”

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The drama after Femi has broken a girl’s heart is usually the fun part of a breakup (when you are not the broken though). It is quite fun watching girls trying to prove their emotional strength by doing thesse things:

1. Posting Powerful Quotes on WhatsApp

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Don’t know if these quotes are usually just lying there in the gallery for a moment like this or they just really know where to look for them. Quotes like “I love the woman I am becoming”. “My strength and independence does not belong to any man” and many quotes like that.

2. Working so hard to prove they are not interested in love.

A wise WhatsApp person once said “confidence is silent, insecurities are loud”. After a breakup, girls seem to always forget the fact that you don’t need to constantly prove something if you truly own it.

3. They turn stalkers

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Nobody will admit this but most people turn stalkers after breakups. It is applicable to guys as well but more common among the ladies. There is no other motive for stalking than to confirm if he misses them or is doing well without them.

4. Play depressing music

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Those long lost Westlife songs. Some play Post Malone while most of them play Juice Wrld. They also lie in bed watching romantic movies, never comb their hair and eat so much to drown their current pain.

5. They get closer to God.

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This is when you know the heartbreak was really terrible. Most ladies seek solace in religion after breakups. They were once Femi’s Pride but now they are Jesus Baby ✌️. She will pray to God to give her a better life and help her find her feet. After a few weeks, another guy comes along and religion takes a vacation.

6. They suddenly become relationship experts to their friends.

Single people give you what may seem like the best advice until you actually use it. When they just break up, the only way they can be incolved in love again is to turn therapist. They suddenly start jumping into relationship matters.

7. They block and unblock

If you lie aboutt this one, God will judge you. Most Nigerian girls are usually stuck between the limbo of blocking and unblocking their ex. They feel the best thing to do is block his ass so they can have peace of mind. Two days later, they have unblocked him. You cannot really stalk someone when they are blocked, can you?

8. They turn advocate of single life

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They are the ones with the hashtag #singlemeansbeautiful, #singlenotsearching, #singleforever, #allguysarethesame. Then you also see quotes like “Being single means staying away from all the bad choices in the world”.

9. They try to make him jealous

I’m sure you were expecting this at the beginning. A heartbreak is not complete when the girl isn’t trying to make the guy jealous (which almost never ends well). They suddenly start to post pictures with other guys. Some also suddenly start screenshotting tweets with a new Yoruba demon in disguise. Ladies start to show off a guy she doesn’t truly love to make a guy she shouldn’t still love jealous. Phew! And I thought calculus was confusing.

10. They try LESBIANISM

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This is for extreme cases. The ladies decides to try lesbianism because of the AGATS SYNDROME (All Guys Are The Same). They believe all men are heartbreakers wo why not try a fellow woman?

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