One can never get used to grief. A lot of people might try to prove otherwise that they are used to breakups and it does not hurt anymore. This is perhaps one of the biggest falsehoods of this generation. So, sister, instead of deceiving yourself, it is better to acknowledge when you’re hurt and move on.

A breakup remains one of the most dreaded experience for both men and women. Maybe it hurts because it deals with matters of the heart, which many don’t have mastery over. Breakups are so hurtful that so many people stay in terrible relationships just to avoid it.

What most people seem to forget is that you can’t evict the inevitable. Like the wise people say: “breakup go reach everybody las las.”

Michael Jackson GIF - Michael Jackson Enjoying GIFs

The drama after Femi has broken a girl’s heart is usually the fun part of a breakup (when you are not the broken though). It is quite fun watching girls trying to prove their emotional strength by doing thesse things:

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