“You cannot give out what you don’t have”. This is an old saying for those who don’t show enough love. However, this saying also appears to giving out gifts.

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Selflessness is an important quality everyone should possess, and so is self-love.

Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself right because you deserve it. And what other way to treat yourself right than with these 10 amazing products we recommend for you.

1. Charcoal Mask

You may not know much about it but charcoal masks help to keep your face smooth and get rid of acne.

Promising review: “It’s been a while since I have been having these pimples. I think since my JSS 3 days. I tried several products but all they do isbleach my skin or cause some reactions or whatsoever. I  went on YouTube to search for solutions when I came across this mask. Used it for a week and he only regret I have is that I didn’t know about it much sooner. After applying, it gives a little burning sensation though but then you’ll realise how fast and efficient it is.” – Omotayo Arowolo

2. Custom Phone Pouch

Personalized Phone Case/Pouch in Lagos Nigeria

This does not need to contain your favorite picture. you can just make a phone pouch with your brand’s logo, favorite quote or anything you love at all.

A custom phone pouch is very common these days and they just give you that feeling of satisfaction when you have it.

3.  Nasco Coffee Maker

product_image_name-Nasco-0.6 Litres Coffee Maker-1

To be honest, i really don’t understand why Nigerians don’t comment enough on how much you might just need a coffee maker in your office or home or maybe we just feel it is a Hollywood thing.

Nevertheless, Panasonic has developed an innovative water level indicator, allowing you to follow easily how many cups you filled in the water tank.

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