LEMAO!!! If you ever had a carryover in your first year, then this post is for you


So you just finished celebrating your admission with your family.

Your Yoruba mom must have asked you not to tell all your Daddy’s family members so they don’t jinx it. Then you have kept this secret for as long as you can and you can’t just wait to resume and live the campus life.

You planning how you will get your 5.0 CGPA in your first year

You will even carry notepad and be writing your grades in all your scores, plan your whole library session and how you will ace all your tests. You will buy gum and paste all your dreams on your wall beside your bed.

You when you see Your first C.A result

You have planned to get 80% in the course then C.A result is released and you see 12/30. But as a man of faith, you think you can still try and get 60 over 70 in exam.

This is you planning how you will still ace your exam and get A in that dreadful course

You will form reading time table, plan your overnight, plan where you will download courses from, and plan everything in your head. If only it were that easy…

You every time you need to read

Then you will keep this attitude throughout the semester. And you will say your village people are following you. Village people that are still looking for food to eat in this hard economy gan.

You rushing to cover all you can one week to exam

Read from the first day, you no hear and now exam have reach you think it is secondary school.

You when you cover the whole semester in one week

If only you knew it would end in tears…

You the Sunday before your first exam

LOL. You will even pray for biro, exam docket and past questions. Your Yoruba mom will send you anointing oil for the examination period.

When you come out of the exam hall hearing the answer to number 9 is “Osteomalacia” but you wrote “Charles Darwin”

This is where you know it is over for you. Then you start attending all the fellowship on campus awaiting a miracle.

Then result is released and you got F

but someway somehow, you came across one whatsapp status that motivated you sha and decided to live life small. Then it is time to start attending the class with year 1 students when you are in year 2.

You every time you are free and the class is holding

You are killing yourself again.

Then another test result is out and you managed to get 18/30

Now you are hoping you can actually pass this time around.

You making a covenant with God that if you pass you will give a testimony in your campus fellowship

Oh ye men of little faith…

Result is out and you actually got B

o te se le bo, yahoo ni babalawo…

You giving that testimony in church after overcoming all your shyness because you don’t want God to punish you

Baby Girl Feeling It At Church GIF - Church Baby Praise GIFs

Every living soul, every living sooouulll praise dah Lord

You remembering how that course ruined your perfect semester.

But no shii because you finally escaped it.


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