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There are many stories of how fascinating entrepreneurship life is but those are just stories. The reality is that entrepreneurship is way complicated than something else, you probably don’t feel it because you tend to enjoy your entrepreneurship life.

Take a look at the Lion

The Lion is not the tallest animal – Giraffes are taller

The Lion is not the biggest animal – Elephants are bigger

The Lion is not the heaviest animal – Hippos are heavier

The Lion is not the smartest animal – Hyenas are smarter

The Lion is not the most intelligent animal – Chimpanzees are more intelligent

However, when all these other animals see the Lion, the run.


Attitude and mental strength

The Elephant runs from the Lion even thought it is way bigger because the Elephant is a victim of how he thinks. However, the Lion is different. When the Lion sees an Elephant, he charges towards the Elephant because he believes he can eat the Elephant.

This is why the Lion isĀ  the king of the jungle

The Lion has a different attitude. The action of the lion reflects the way he thinks. This is why all animals in the jungle respect the Lion more.

So if you are thinking entrepreneurship life is not for everybody, that is false.

It is all about attitude and mentality. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but a lot of people shield themselves with fear. One person thinks lunch while the other thinks danger. That is the case with the Lion and other animals.

Attitude is the result of believe. Our actions reflect whatever we believe and we eventually become what we believe. When we limit ourselves, we limit ourselves by what we believe.

You can never live beyond the limits of your beliefs. Whatever you believe is what you can achieve.

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