If you are just waking from a coma, here is a recap of 2020 so far

2020 has been one hell of a year. This is definitely not what we all planned for. Australia caught fire, world war III   threat, Corona virus, Kobe, bla bla. So here is a quick recap of what has happened so far. This is a refix of the Boredpanda version to fit Nigerian audience

So how has 2020 been?

Nothing much guy

Australia burnt to the ground

Tens of millions of acre gone

Over one billion animals dead


How did it hap-

Then Trump eliminated one Iranian general like that

we almost had world war III

So Iran is asking Interpol to arrest Trump

So there might still be war sha

Thank God. I don’t know what I w-

Ehn ehn. One guy in China ate a bat

So now no job for me

And like plenty access bank staffs sha

Dangote and his guys donated billions to help

We don’t know where it is again

Wait, did you say bat?

Oh yes.  There is a pandemic too

It has killed more than 500k people worldwide

But less than 1000 people have died in Nigeria

So no school since around March

Everybody is now selling cloth and doing cashapp


One yahoo boys stuff like that, I don’t understand

So is there any –

Oh, economy has collapsed too

No money anywhere again

But some people are still flexing though

I really don’t know how

Olamide and Fireboy shared rice

We have not heard from Davido in a while

Burna boy was dragged countless times

What of WIzkid?

That one

Can you believe he did not still drop Made In Lagos album?

Wait, is the pandemic now over?

Oh shit. I forgot my mask at home

Just pray LASTMA don’t catch us

Mask is the new driver’s license

So no good thing has happened so far?

Well, some government officials have been contracting the virus

Oh Abba Kyari is dead

And Ajimobi too

May their souls rest in peace

Anything else?

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi died in a helicopter crash

There was a plane crash in Tehran that killed 176 people

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry renounce their royalty

At least there is no problem with racism


Oyinbo police knelt on a black guy’s neck for 9 minutes

The guy died. His name is George Floyd

So there was this massive protest

Is that all?

Some bastards raped and killed a girl inside a church

She was just reading her books

And it happened to like three other girls in the same month

There is a coven of women on twitter who despise men

Yeah, I knew this one since

Oh, good then.

So no good news?

Not really

Oh wait

Elon Musk sent two people to space

Lucky bastards

This took a lot of effort to make, kindly share.

It costs nothing to share



Written by dada eniola

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