We try to explore into the life of Nigerian youths who are doing extra ordinary. We call this section #CoolYouths as we go on social media to see which Nigerian Youth is really doing something different with their time.

It is no news that the Nigerian education system is already crashing and there is almost no job anywhere for anybody. However, our cool youths have taken it up as their responsibilities to create their own employment without depending on the government, unlike some of their colleagues.

We look at how Computer World started and how the CEO as been managing to study and do business for the past three years since he started.

About Computer World

Computer world is a IT solutions company that helps businesses grow through web and app development, graphics design and branding.

Over the years, we have watched Computer world grow from a one-man business to a team work. What intrigued us the most about Computer World is how he manages to keep business running despite being a final year student in the University.

Due to the shortage in cashflow in the country, Temitope has taken it as a responsibility to make his own money from outside the country without leaving his home through freelancing.

Let us go into the quick interview we had with him…

Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

I am Idowu Temitope! A 400 level student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Studying computer science.

has Computer Science always been your interest or you had other interests while growing up?

I started having interest in Computer Science after my secondary school. I acytually enrolled in nine months Computer training then. That is the basic of Computer. Typing, printing and making use of computer in Nigeria basics.

WOW! before computer science, what were you interested in?

My aim as a young boy was to become a Medical Doctor. Two things changed my interest: Nigerian admission process (JAMB and selection of school) and the training I went for after my secondary school.

I might have passion for Medicine like I said but the interest I developed in Computer Science grew larger and wider than that of pursuing Medicine.

Hhmm, cool. So you run computer world? How has that been so far?

Yes. It has been great though. Only one process has been making it happen and that is the fact that I am always hungry to make Computer world relevant! If one step is not working, I go back to the drawing board, shuffle the ideas and bring out another outcome!

Wow! that is strategic. What made you think of starting Computer World?

The first step I launched when I started Computer World was “Mission to kill hunger”.

LOL! What is your new mission?

I have launched more missions after that but my focus for now is fixing my weak points

that’s cool

After trying to make promotions in the last missions, I have realised there are some missions I would have to fix before moving to the great and next level. Few of my weak points are: team management, steady skills sets, management of clients and few more.

How large is your team? And how do you pay them?

Just five in the team and we get paid based on the work done.

Fresh. How did you start Computer World and how did you make your first cash?

I started in early 2017. I made my first cash from Website design.

What have been your biggest challenges?

I have always faced different challenges but the biggest one came through financial challenge

How have you been able to tackle it so far?

Not giving up! However, things are getting better unlike when I just started.

What of your parents? Do they know about your chosen path and how have they been supporting you?

Yes, they do.

They have been helping me by giving advice and refer clients in their own way. I once heard my Mum telling her friend to come to do graphics design. That’s funny, right?

It is because I sat them down and explained how Computer World works to them.

How did they react when they heard you wanted to drop medicine and chase a career in computer science? since most parents prefer medicine to any other course

Well, you said most parents. My parents always believe if their children are not lazy, anything they lay their hands on will surely prosper. So they don’t have any problem with that.

The only question my Dad asked me about my career after my secondary school was “Which skills do you want to learn?”

He never asked “which course do you want to study in school”

He wants us (his children) to be educated so it will help whichever skill we learn.

Wow. That’s different

He kept asking me for the skills I want to learn until I explained how Computer World works to him.

So how do you manage to cope with school and Computer World?

That is not even explainable. That’s just Grace and plans I make every morning.

I don’t have to sit down before I make a plan. I make my plans at every corner and boom…we move from there.

How do you see Computer World in the next ten years?

Should we say till then?

What are some of the services you offer at Computer World?

We offer web designing, branding, graphics design and software development.

Did you learn all these skills yourself or you enrolled for a professional class?

I will give special regards to YouTube, Google and Udemy. I learnt my skills from there.

If you could restart Computer World, what is that one thing you would do differently?

I don’t think there is anything I will do differently. I might just choose to do it perfectly if I restart.

Drop an advice for upcoming entrepreneurs

We should not give up! Entrepreneurs should always try to get updated with skills and whatever we need. We must be updated.

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