Have you ever tried to understand why humans do certain things? Humans are the highest living forms in the world but their level of stupidity is remarkable. As Einstein once said:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

1. WTF is this?

You’ve Never Seen A Pink Lion?

2. Who’s going to tell her?

Who’s Gonna Tell Her

3. Someone needs to invent a library ASAP!

To Ask For A Mysterious Service

4. This buyer must be a woman

Just What

5. LOL. No words

He's Figuring It Out, Slowly

6. Eh eh. Humans sha

Elementary School Dropouts Ahead

7. This actually got me

Get This Idea Patented

8. Do you still think there is any hope for humans?

I Wonder Why

9. This guy purchased a water melon during a train stop and he didn’t realize that it doesn’t fit through the window bars.

A Guy Purchased A Watermelon During A Train Stop And Didn’t Realize It Didn’t Fit Through The Bars

10. At least she admitted she’s dumb

I Wish This Was Fake. Meet Jenn

11. Look for the edit

Can't Even Be Mad, That Edit Was Perfect

12. Imagine scamming without sense

Fake ID Fail

13. Check your friends

She Has Bigger Issues

14. “Since it is on the internet, it must be true”

I Read It On The Internet, It Must Be True

15. Meet the most stupid people in a comment section

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