If there is one thing a lot of youths are very curious about, it is the feeling of having sex for the very first time. We decided to ask some Nigerian girls what it felt like to lose their virginity. To our surprise, they were willing to answer.

Here are replies for fifteen girls and the age they lost it. DO NOT JUDGE!

Sade – 14

It was after my Junior waec. I was this kind of bag good girl in school sha. So after Junior WAEC, I had this boyfriend who I used to visit at home every time. We were in the same school so when there was nobody at home, I would go to his place to chill. We just kissed and smooched, that was all. He never went into my pant. Until one day, we were watching a movie at his place and things got out of hand while we were kissing. Slowly i found myself wanting to try it out. We did it and it was  painful, I felt guilty for weeks and broke up with him because it was awkward between us.

Esther – 18

It was in my first year in FUOYE. I met this final year guy from microbiology. One night, I was too scared to go back to school hostel after partying so I called him to pick me up and he came and took me to his place. I was still jiggy from the party. LOL. We both vibed and I did it with him. I woke up the next morning crying.

Bisola – 21

Lol. I bled for three days and I was not on my period. It was at his friends place when we went to celebrate his friend’s new car.

Amaka – 19

It was with my ex. We were dating for two years and I told him I was not in love with him anymore. Somehow he tried to convince me about break up sex and i foolishly agreed. I bled like Osun waterfall

Zainab – 20

All my friends have done it before except me so I wanted to know how it feels. They hooked me up with this guy and we did it. Didn’t really feel guilty but I don’t think it was worth the hype.

Blessing – 19

It was after secondary school when I was learning my make up skill. I met this guy and I used to go to his house before returning home. He stays alone with his dog. One day we actually did it and it was horrible. It was painful and I cried. But i didn’t bleed.

Chioma – 23

I know it looks crazy but while living school, I made a bucket list of things I want to do in school. I included sex on my last day and I told my boyfriend about it. He agreed and when I was signing out from UNILA, I had sex.

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