7 efficient ways to tell your friend they have body odour (without sounding like a b*tch)

Portrait of frustrated young man in casual shirt holding nose and expressing negativity while standing against grey background

Do you have any friend that smells so bad, you wish you could just throw them inside a tank full of perfume? Enduring that smell is a very daunting task, but what is worse is letting them know they smell like soakaway.

So we gathered a list of tips on how you can tell someone they have body odour without sounding wicked.

Did something die here

E sure me you have not baf today ooo (with a smile)

Are you smelling it too?

What is the name of your perfume?

Which soap do you use?

I bath twice a day, what about you?


and if he doesn’t still get your message, just tell him this

If I slap you, you will start smelling nice

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