WhatsApp is currently not taking it easy on people using GB WhatsApp. They have taken certain actions to limit the amount of people moving over to this “okirika” whatsapp because it is an attempt to clone the original app.

In so doing, WhatsApp has expressed their dissatisfaction by banning people who are using this fake version of WhatsApp. The worst thing about being banned is that you will never recover all your chats from the GB whatsapp so the best thing to do is move before you get banned.

In this post, we will be showing you how to move from GB WhatsApp to the original WhatsApp without losing any of your important chats.

How to switch from GB Whatsapp to normal WhatsApp without losing your chats

  1. The best thing to do before performing any task like this is to perform a quick backup of your files. You can do this by opening your GB whatsapp, then access “settings” clicks on “chats” and select “chat backup”.
  2. Backup your file. Make sure you have enough space on your phone and data connection is strong. You can use the trendz data app to buy data fast and at a cheaper price. Just search “Trendz data” on playstore and you will find it there. Click on backup to backup your chats.
  3. Wait for the backup to be complete before you proceed to the next step
  4. Install the original WhatsApp or WhatsApp business, but don’t open the app.
  5. Open the WhatsApp Folder on your device file manager. Then create a folder and name it “databse”
  6. Go to GB WhatsApp folder on your device file manager.
  7. Open the folder and copy all the files you see inside it.
  8. Then paste it in the database you created in step 5 above.
  9. Now go to the original WhatsApp you installed and sign up through the normal process.
  10. Then you will be asked to restore your chat. That is all you need.
  11. But if you are not asked to restore your chat, go to your phone settings then go to the application manager and look for WhatsApp
  12. Clear cache
  13. Go back to your WhatsApp and try again

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