With the current state of the country, several Nigerian youths have gone into various businesses to keep themselves in check and help them make some.

Perhaps the most popular of this hustle is the fashion businesses. many now sell shoes, clothes and many other fashion related products.

It looks like the niche is getting overcrowded with more businesses than actual customers.

This is not only a problem for the vendors, but also customers. It has become even more difficult to make a choice of what go buy especially when they inflate prices.

Another problem to worry about it also inflation of prices. I am sure you can’t count how many times you have seen a product you love but with a very ridiculous price tag.

Well, Coratt is an online marketplace for fashion vendors and customers to buy any fashion related item online. With a promised delivery within 3 days (in Lagos) and 7 days across Nigeria, Coratt has been able to set something right in the place of offering one of the fastest delivery services in Nigeria.

In 2020, Nigeria witnessed a spike in entrepreneurship. There are more entrepreneurs in 2020 than ever before. This has led the Coratt team into creating a platform for all entrepreneurs in the Fashion niche to make more sales and connect better with their customers.

What is Coratt?

Coratt is an online marketplace with the aim of connecting customers and vendors together. The service is pretty much automated and it offers one of the best buyer’s experience. Perhaps, one of the most remarkable innovations is that Coratt gives you the opportunity to chat with vendors, Follow up on your favorite vendors and also suggests more items that may be suitable for you.

How did Coratt come to be?

There is no denying the increase in Fashion vendors in Nigeria in 2020 alone. A lot of Nigerian students now sell shoes, bags, clothes online. Some even sell wigs and other hair products. While they have this business, many of them have very little marketing experience.

The Coratt board understood the need for vendors to reach their customers and make more sales. So they took the opportunity of the pandemic to do so.

Why vendors need to use Coratt?

Coratt offers you the cheapest marketing you cabn find from any brand across the country. Becoming a vendor on Coratt is completely free and you get to upload unlimited amount of products. the Coratt board takes N100 from every sale you make. This N100 goes into product marketing and helps you to make more sales on your store.

Every vendor gets full control of their store. As a vendor on Coratt, you can perform the following:

  1. Upload unlimited products for free
  2. Create coupon codes for your visitors
  3. Withdraw to your bank account every day in a week
  4. Get free marketing on all products
  5. Upload store logo and banner
  6. Chat with your customers and many more

Coratt was started by Eight students of the University of Lagos with the hopes of helping their colleagues become better entrepreneurs and make more sales.

How to register on coratt

You can register on coratt for free and gain access to upload all your products. Follow the steps below to register as vendor.

  1. On your browser, head on www.coratt.com/dashboard
  2. Register as a vendor and fill in your details correctly
  3. Check your email for password and activation link
  4. Login your store and start adding new products

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