How long have you been trying to make her fall for you? Maybe there is a particular girl you believe is the right one for you but she is yet to notice you or she has dropped you in that annoying place called “Friend zone”.

Of course, it hurts to be in the friend zone especially when you are in love with her and she has no idea at all.

You have trued all your possible best to get her attention but all to no avail.

Usually, most guys will give up once they sense rejection bit therthere are some hot-headed guys that know what is tight for them and won’t stop until thet get it. These guys will keep adding pressure and may end up irritating the girl.

So what do you do?…

  1. Be yourself: Let me start up with this Dr. Seuss quote:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

Girls love guys who don’t go extreme ends to impress themselves, and if after being yourself she doesn’t love you, then she’s making a very big mistake.

I do understand that girls may sometimes want a guy to try harder but being the best version of yourself I the best way to get the tight girl for you.

  1. Be funny: Like seriously, which girl on earth doesn’t like a funny guy?

About 75% of girls you will meet will tell you they want a guy that can make them smile. Don’t overdo your humor. Just make her laugh sometimes without insulting anything she likes.

  1. Tell her how much you love her friends: Do I need to explain this any further? All girls love it when their guy loves their friends.

Tell her about how much you fancy her friends without leaving a negative impression.

  1. Be completely honest: In getting a girl, honesty is the key. If you have been frends for some time, be honest with everything you tell her.

Let your opinions towards her be sincere without making her feel bad. Be honest and it shall set you free.

  1. Show interest in her talks: We all know girls love to talk but there is something they prefer more… Someone listening.

Listening to what she has to say, drop your opinion on the matter and make her feel comfortable telling you anything.

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