Men love to feel in control and women love to shatter that feeling. Here are some things that will bring down your man when you say it during sex.

Girl to guy

1. You are better at this than that man I met on the street

Say what?

2. I wonder why my doctor said I’ll never be able to have unprotected sex again after I was diagnosed with AIDS. This thing is sweet

Ehn! No rough play ooo abeg

3. WOW. This feels better doing it with someone who is alive

Calculating Puzzled GIF - Calculating Puzzled Math GIFs


4. Have you put it inside?

Crying Black Guy Meme GIF - CryingBlackGuy Meme Sad GIFs

But but but…

5. Please use your finger, it is bigger

Black Dude Crying GIF - BlackDude Crying Cry GIFs

I will kill myself


If you want to shatter your girl’s fantasy, say these to her.

6. You are sweeter than your mother

What The Hell Damn GIF - WhatTheHell Damn What GIFs

7. Why is your kini smelling like fish?

Coming For Ya GIF - IWillHuntYouDown Hunt ComingForYou GIFs

8. My mum has this kind of bra too

See Ya Kick GIF - SeeYa Kick Woman GIFs

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