Here is what would probably happen if everything was free for 10 minutes

In summary, you go still mess am up

How would you react if you woke up one day and everything was free for ten minutes? I know you think you will have been matching Jeff Bezos net worth but in reality here is what will really happen.

1. You will waste a minute processing the news that everything is free for ten minutes

2. And probably the next minute confirming the news on Twitter

Jaiden Jaiden Animations GIF - Jaiden JaidenAnimations Animation GIFs

2 minutes gone

3. Your selfless ass will want your friends to benefit too

Pick Up GIF - PickUp Monkey Phone GIFs

3 minutes gone

4. Then you spend another minute thinking of everything you can order right now that will make you rich forever

Math Thinking GIF - Math Thinking ZachGalifianakis GIFs

4 minutes gone

5. Only for you to see this on every online store

Scrolling Through Errors GIF - Error Windows Glitch GIFs

and this is where you will spend all your time. 4  minutes gone

6. Now you are left with 2 minutes and you are about to give up

Fuck This IGive Up GIF - FuckThis IGiveUp GIFs

7. But you then decide you must at least get something sha

Christopher Walken GIF - Illgiveitatry Christopherwalken GIFs

8. Only to rush to the nearest kiosk to buy anything they have

Forrest Gump Running GIF - ForrestGump Running MeWhenImLate GIFs

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Written by dada eniola

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