Fast2earn sounds too good to be true but you can actually make money everyday as long as you are on this platform without doing any work at all. In this fast2earn review, I am going to explain how this platform has helped many people by giving them an avenue to actually make money without doing any work at all.

How did you hear about fast2earn? Did you search google, watch a youtube video, come across an ad or did you hear from the mouth of a friend? If any of this is correct, then I am sure you must have seen some details about fast2earn which made you search for this review. Like I said earlier, this sounds too good to be true especially with the fact that you earn money everyday for doing almost nothing.

If you are a newbie and you have never heard about fast2earn, then I will make sure I explain every detail so you understand to the fullest before you conclude if you will join or not.

Fast2earn Review: Is it a scam or legit?

We need to know if fast2earn is a legit income program or just another horrible scam. Before we can conclude we need to check some stats like their commission models, how they pay and how you can earn.

About fast2earn

Fast2earn is a platform that is designated to helping people bring their businesses to life. Everybody who has/wants to start a brand can use fast2earn to get funding from investors. The money invested in this program is then used to help the business grow.

As in investor, you are entitled to daily dividend from the brand from which you bought your shares.

Fast2earn started more than 7 years and have been paying their members for more than 7 years now.

The best thing is that the shares you buy on this platform do not expire or elapse because you earn on it forever until you decide to sell the shares or quit using fast2earn (which will be a crazy thing to do).

I came across this platform from a facebook post. I was a bit skeptical about it but I decided to join the whatsapp group. On joining the whatsapp group, I discovered the name of this platform and decided to make my findings about it and check if it is actually legit or just a waste of time, money and hopes.

Well, it took me more than 15 payment proofs, 3 YouTube videos and several blog posts to be convinced of how legit it is.

I was doubting just like you because:

  • You warn without any single work
  • Your daily dividend keeps growing for life
  • 50% commission for affiliates
  • Minimum payout is low
  • You can request payment everyday

So these things sound too awesome to be true, and I pondered and wondered why.

How do you make make money on fast2earn?

Making money on fast2earn is pretty simple – your money speaks for you.

Basically, the more shares you buy, the more you earn. That is just the basic truth on how to make money on fast2earn. 

But there is also this side attraction I would love you to know about. It is not just about making money. You can also use fast2earn to bring that idea to life.

If you have any amazing idea you would love to bring to life; Like a taxi hailing service, or any business that might be profitable, fast2earn can help you get funds for it.

You don’t need any special skill for this to work for you. All you need is an computer and good internet connection. You can use a cyber cafe if you don’t have a personal computer.

But the one we are more concerned about is how to buy shares on fast2earn and make money.

You can invest in online businesses and buy shares of an internet company. When you buy shares of this website, you will start earning dividend from this website and you can sell your shares at any time at the best price.

The minimum you can spend on shares is $3 and there is no maximum, but remember the more shares you buy, the more you earn.

Note: If you are looking for a mean of earning 100k in 3 days, this is not the right way. But if you are thinking of earning N1million at the end of the year 2020, then this is the right place.

How to buy shares on fast2earn

Buying shares on fast2earn is pretty much easy. There are several ways of paying for your shares:

  • Bitc
  • paypal
  • litecoin
  • Perfect money
  • Debit/card

But the only way I will recommend for you is to buy using bitcoin.

How do you buy bitcoin?

Firstly, you need a bitcoin wallet. You can get a bitcoin wallet for free by signing up on

After you have completely signed up on blockchain, verify your email address.

What you need is you wallet address. You can get your wallet address when you click on “Receive” in your blockchain dashboard.

YOU NEED YOUR WALLET ID TO LOGIN. You will find this wallet ID at the end of the verification email you got.

Login with your wallet ID and password, then locate “request”.

From the screenshot below, you can see how you find your bitcoin wallet address.

Feel free to send me some bitcoin too as an appreciation. *winks*

Now that you have your bitcoin address, the next thing to do is buy bitcoin. There are many sites where you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria. You can make use of,, and many others.

However, if you do not want to go through the stress of signing up and contacting them to buy bitcoin, I know a guy.

He is very legit and sells bitcoin. I bought mine from him. However, the minimum amount of bitcoin you can buy from anyone is $7 (N2623).

This is good because you finally get you buy two shares at once which will double your earnings.

Here is a basic calculation on what you can earn on fast2earn

You invest in a company and the company gives you a percentage everyday. If the percentage is $0.5 everyday and you buy 10 hares, that means you will be earning $5 everyday on dividend.

You can buy as many shares as you want and increase your earnings.

$5 per day will amount to $150 (N54000) per month and you didn’t do a single work. ISN’T THAT COOL?

That is N684,000 yearly with no work.

The $0.5 mentioned is only a fictional figure and the dividend may be more or less than that.

I recommend that you buy shares that are not more than $3. If you can buy these shares at $3 and get ten of it, you will be making some decent cash everyday.

How to buy shares on fast2earn

Buying shares is easy. The first thing you need to do is click here to join for free. 

Select the shares to buy

When buying shares, you need to look for the one with the highest ROI (Return On Investment). You can find that buy simply login in to your account, then scroll to “All projects” and click on it.

On the new page that opens, click on ROI under “sort by”. This will filter all the available shares by ROI and you can see which has the highest and lowest ROI. You might be confused when you see monthly dividend instead of daily dividend. Just ignore that and click on “more info” on the shares you want to buy.

Now, you will have access to see the daily dividend of the shares Make sure you see daily dividend before you invest in it.

Here is a share I decided to invest in with just $3


Then i checked the daily dividend by clicking on the share title.

I decided to buy 50 of those shares so my daily dividend will now be 50 * 3 = $1.5 which will amount to $45 for the rest of my life without any further investment. That is $540 every year without doing any work.

The scroll down and click on buy shares.

Select the amount you want to buy and proceed to payment.

I recommend using bitcoin as your payment method because it is faster and more secure.

Kindly follow the instructions on the screen, login your bitcoin wallet and send to the bitcoin address given to you.

It takes about 10 minutes to process your payment. Once your payment has been processed, it will be invested in the business and you can now start earning. If you send lesser value than required, they will ask you to balance your payment before you can invest.

For example if you are asked to send $0.00038 btc and u send $0.00037, you will be asked to balance with $0.00001 to complete your payment. Each investment has a unique btc address.

Selling shares on fast2earn

When your shares rise, you can sell them and make money. If you decide to leave the shares as it is, you will continue earning your daily dividend.

All you have to do is click on my shares under projects.

Select the shares you want to sell and click sell.

Specify how much you want to sell each of the shares. The shares with lower prices get the fastest buyers.

How to cashout on fast2earn

Cashing out is fast and simple. You can cashout once you reach the minimum threshold.

There are several cashout options: paypal, perfect money, bitcoin, litecoin or bank card account.

Click on cash-out from the top menu, enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on withdraw.

Withdrawal usually take 2 – 3 business days to complete. If you request withdrawal on Friday, you will get it on monday.

There are points needed to be accumulated for tangible withdrawal to take place. Please find below the points:

1. 400+ points:
Cash-out once in 1 day
Cash-out fee: 2%
Amount: Unlimited

2. 300 to 399 points:
Cash-out once in 2 days
Cash-out fee: 3%
Amount: $3,000.00 max

3. 200 to 299 points:
Cash-out once in 3 days
Cash-out fee: 4%
Amount: $900 max

4. 100 to 199 points:
Cash-out once in 4 days
Cash-out fee: 5%
Amount: $210 max

5. Less than 100 points:
Cash-out once in 30 days
Cash-out fee: 6%
Amount: $22.76 max


1. You get 10 points for purchasing Shares using Bitcoin.
2. You get 1 point from referral bonus. So it’s too small to dwell on.

But the cash bonus (50%) earned from referral can get u points.

3. You get points depending on amount of shares purchased. The more shares you buy, the more your withdrawal points, the more money you can withdraw, the less days between withdrawals




To make this work for you, I suggest that you partner with people to buy this shares. If you can gather fifty people, you can each invest $6 ($300) and buy two shares each which will bring a daily dividend of $0.04.

100*0.04 = $4. You earn $4 dividend every day which is equal to $120 per month ($1440 every year). You can use this to start a brand or a cool business. This means your brand will be getting a bonus of $1440 every year without any work.


Another awesome thing that this site offers is the referral bonus. You earn 50% commission on each person you refer and each investment they make.

Supposing you have a blog or a lot of friends who are interested in this, you can refer them and earn 50% of their each of their investments.

If you refer 10 people and they make two investments of $3 each (6), you earn $30 from them. They can also decide to increase their investment an you keep earning. That is how it works.

The more you invest, the more you earn. The more you refer, the more you earn. You can invite people from all across the world and still earn.

Your affiliate link will be placed at the top right hand side of the page. Just click on that link and when people who join  through your link invest, you will earn a commission.

Fast2earn payment proofs

If you still don’t believe in fast2earn, here are some payment proofs that will help you strengthen your faith.

fast2earn payment prooffast2earn payment proof

With this review, I think we can both agree that fast2earn is a legit source of income. for more info and tutorial on how to get referrals, kindly whatsapp Trendz +2348154329787.

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