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Which DMW artiste are you?

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    Which Social network would you delete for a year?

    • WhatsApp
    • facebook
    • twitter
    • TikTok
    • Instagram
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    Which Coca-cola product would you rather drink?

    • Sprite
    • Fanta
    • Coke
  • Question of

    which would you rather have?

    • Unending Money
    • Peace of Mind
  • Question of

    In a fight between Hulk and Superman, who do you think would win?

    • Hulk
    • Superman
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    What would you rather post on your WhatsApp status?

    • Motivational quotes
    • Business products
    • memes
    • Videos
    • Anything at all
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    You win a free trip to Paris and you are asked to invite one person, who would it be?

    • Mum
    • Partner
    • Dad
    • Child
    • Best friend
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    What is your relationship status?

    • Dating
    • Married
    • Vibes on vibes
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    Who is your favorite A list artiste?

    • Olamide
    • Wizkid
    • Davido
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    At the end of this quiz, would you share to friends?

    • Definitely
    • What concern me
  • Question of

    Samsung or iPhone?

    • Samsung
    • iPhone

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