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What are your chances of being curved by a lady?

Getting curved is no small experience to deal with, talk less of the aftermath of the “curvature” period. We have set up this quiz to guess your chances of being curved, and to help you work on yourself if the results are not satisfactory. Enjoy!

  • Question of

    Relationship status?

    • Dating
    • Single
    • I’ll pass this
  • Question of

    What’s your method of approach?

    • The rich guy strategy
    • The nerd guy strategy
    • The average guy strategy
  • Question of

    Describe your personality

    • Kind, reserved and clever
    • Romantic, sarcastic and unpredictable
    • Warm sense of humor, empathetic and annoying
  • Question of

    Your offer on a first date?

    • Tickets to see a movie
    • Flowers, with some love notes attached
    • Surprise her
  • Question of

    Your idea of a relationship

    • Two imperfects coming to figure out life together
    • Two people who would do anything to express their love for each other
    • Two humans with a hope for an “Happily Ever After”
  • Question of

    Bae is about to make a tough decision

    • Give her your most honest advice
    • Tell her to trust her instincts
    • Tell a joke to take her mind off
  • Question of

    Ideal honeymoon location

    • Paris, France
    • Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Venice, Italy
  • Question of

    I would love a……

    • Destination Wedding
    • Wedding in Nigeria
    • Private and lowkey wedding
  • Question of

    You’re inviting one to sing at your reception

    • Asa
    • Timi Dakolo
    • Sunny Neji
  • Question of

    How do you deal with anxiety?

    • Share it with my partner
    • Push everyone and stay off grid for a while
    • Act like I’m fine and go on with life
  • Question of

    You’re horny! How do you get her in the mood?

    • Make her see a romantic movie with you, first
    • Start flirting with some naughty talks
    • Walk up to her straight
  • Question of

    Your approach to a delicate situation?

    • Ask for help/assistance
    • Take time to gather facts before making a move
    • Delegate someone to handle it on your behalf
  • Question of

    Choose one!

    • Fight to the death
    • Take a bullet in the head
    • Take your life

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Written by Eniola Dada


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