Quiz: How strict would you be to your children as a parent?


    Nobody wants to be strict to their child(ren) in this generation, but having a strict parent is sometimes from only the child’s perspective. The entire society view the parent as “doing their jobs”. But there are some parents who are just wicked for nothing.

    • Question of

      Your child is going to his friend’s house, which of these questions will you most likely ask?

      • What are you going to do there?
      • How many times did they come and visit you?
      • Where do they stay?
      • Where are they from?
      • Where are they from?
    • Question of

      You find out your daughter is pregnant, how do you deal with it?

      • Beat her up
      • Scold her, beat her and keep the child
      • Ask about how it happened and what she wants to do
      • Call the attention of elders at home
    • Question of

      You find out your son impregnates a girl, how do you react?

      • Beat him up
      • Send him to jail yourself
      • Call the girl and your son, and ask what they will do
      • It’s not your business
    • Question of

      which school would you rather send your children to?

      • Boarding school
      • Public day school
      • Private school
    • Question of

      At what age would your children learn to wash their clothes?

      • Before 5
      • teen age
      • 18
    • Question of

      your child got beat up at school, how do you react?

      • Buckle up to the offenders house
      • Call the school to ask how it happened
      • Report to the class teacher
      • Ask your child what he or she did
    • Question of

      How will you react to your child failing JAMB?

      • Beat him pieces
      • Embrace him because you also banged
      • Encourage him to rewrite
      • It is not your business
    • Question of

      It’s 9am in the morning and your son is still asleep, how do you react?

      • Wake him with belt or koboko
      • Wake him gently
      • Shout at the top of your voice until he wakes up
      • Insult the daylight out of him
    • Question of

      Your child announces to you that he wants to learn a skill instead of furthering his/her education, how do you react?

      • Give them all the necessary resources
      • Encourage them to go to school and also learn a skill
      • Shut the idea down and pick up JAMB form for them
    • Question of

      Do you hope to be strict or lenient with your children?/

      • Strict
      • Lenient

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