The Cool Mag community is a community of some of the most talented content creators across Nigeria. Before you join, you should know about our rules and guidelines so that you won’t be confused if your posts are not approved.

1. Do Not use the community for self-promotion

Community is a place for you to share what you love with others and should not be used for self-promotion. By Self-promotion, we mean promoting or publicizing you or your activities, including any business or product you may be running or selling. Community is not the place to yell “I GAT CASHAPP, BITCIN FOR SALE, I BUILD WEBSITES!!!,” your other social media accounts, or your personal blog. As much as we believe in your skill and talent, Community isn’t the platform for highlighting it.

2. Community Is Not For You Or Your friends To Talk Politics

Please, politics has  given the world enough problems as it is. The community is not where you should bring anything related to politics. If you want to talk politics, please see another community..

3. Community Is Not A Business Center

We know you are striving to earn a living. We know you want to make money. WHO DOESN’T? However, the community is not a place to do that. We are building an 100% natural content community. Don’t spam with business posts or comments.

4. Community Is Not A Place For You To Use people’s Content Without Permission

We frown on stealing other people’s content. If you will be using a content that is not yours, please give credit in the credit space just below the content. It is very important.

5. Community Is Not A Place To Try Your Hand At Becoming a News Blogger

Like we have mentioned before, the community is a happy place, as such, we are not interested in publishing any sort of news (good or bad). We only want humor, relatable, interesting, entertaining and jaw dropping content.

6. Community Is Not A Place To Wage A War

This is not twitter where you can argue, insult people or say whatever you want about people that may hurt them mentally. The community was created to brings Nigerian youths together and not push them apart. We are here to appreciate the African culture.

7. Community Is Not A Place For PR Professionals To Boost Their Clients

We understand that you have a job to do but this is not a place for PR professionals to promote client’s stuffs. We really don’t care if your client has “100 ways to make N1m in 2 hours”, we frown on it and will probably get your account suspected.

8. Community Is Not A Place For Spam

Spam is everywhere. The community is not a place where you drop random links, texts, images or infographics for the sake of recognition. Resist the urge to spam the community. .