As we all know, everybody is being tagged a “CEO” these days. All you need is a business and you already earn the WhatsApp CEO title. Sometimes, being a CEO just means having an online website and voila! THE CEO LIFE BEGINS!

And if you are still finding a way to become a CEO because you like the word, then maybe you should follow this post seriously or sarcastically. Does it really matter?

Start any business

Trust me, just start any business you like and you are automatically a CEO in Nigeria.

Focus on posting motivational posts

Step Away From Being Rich - Motivational poster (With images ...

What else solidifies your stance as a CEO than motivational posts. Something like “I started my poultry with nothing but a feather”

You don’t necessarily need a TEAM

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Who needs a team? As a CEO, you don;t need anybody to help you. Run every shii yourself man. When you tire, keep going even though there is no significant progress.

Celebrate your small wins

How to make your small wins work for you |

What’s the best way to keep your mental health in check? By celebrating your small wins or else you will die of depression.

Open WhatsApp Business account

WhatsApp Business - Apps on Google Play

AH! The real account all CEO’s need. If you don’t have this, you can’t join the club of CEO’s

Print T-shirts

CEO OF ME (NO BOX) T-SHIRT – The Brand Executive Store

Kyrieprints makes the best quality prints. Contact them and print six shirts of different colors so you can wear everyday except Sundays when you are going to church.

No need for a  Business registration number

No Need For That Refuse GIF - NoNeedForThat Refuse Decline GIFs

More than half of all businesses in Nigeria are not registered so why should yours be?

Act like a Know-it-all

Something Like That GIF - Andy Parksandrecreation Wtf GIFs

The final step to cementing your spot as a CEO is to act like you know more than everybody does. Ones you can do this, you are a CEO. Whatever anybody else says does  not really matter my guy.

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