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6 things that would happen if motivational quotes was a person

1. Motivational quotes inspiring people to be better 2. Motivational quotes when somebody finally takes his advice 3. Motivational quotes when he sees himself on somebody's...

What if Merlin was a Nigerian movie, here are 7 things that would have happened

1. Would his name be Merlin in the first place? More like Malik 2. Camelot would have been at CMS "Camelot Memorial Site" 3. Arthur would have died...

What if Game Of Thrones was a Nigerian movie? Here is what would happen

I know what you are thinking and it is true, we don't have sense on this magazine. Isn't that the point? It says so...

What if your clothe suddenly disappeared right now? This is probably what will happen

Imagine you are on the street, taking your usual stroll. As per the big boy you are na Then all of a sudden, your clothes disappeared WTF! Firstly,...

What if Money Heist was a real life Nigerian experience? This is what would happen

The fourth seasons of Money Heist was released early April this year. We all testify to the beauty that was that season. If there...
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