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Wizkid: The Best Thing That Happened Since Jollof Rice

Wizkid is arguably the biggest Nigerian artiste of the 2010s. He has set and broken records since he came into limelight with his hit...

The New Playstation demo looks so real, you cannot believe they are CGI

The news of playstation 5 broke out few weeks ago and the internet has not been able to shut up about it. Even people...

20 movie Plot holes you can never unsee

We cannot count how many times movies has made us suspend our beliefs in certain things just to start believing in fantasy. Hollywood are...

10 Davido songs that explains the progress of every guy in a relationship

Whatever name you choose to call him, Baba Ifeanyi will always come through for us with his lyrics and beautiful wordplay. These are ten...

Are cars really destroyed in movies?

i watched fast and furious for the upteenth time and I could not help but ask some questions. Are the cars really destroyed? Those...
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